Dr. Wiebers Presents Keynote Address at 2nd International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology: Theory of Reality, on November 8, 2012, in Nice, France. more

Dr. Wiebers, Presentation at the University of Oxford: Theory of Reality, November 2, 2012, Oxford, England. more

Scientific Commentary

Kenneth Ring, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut, and Author of Lessons from the Light

"Theory of Reality is a stunning achievement – a masterful synthesis of neuroscience, physics and the new disciplines of frontier science, the findings of which all point to the primacy of consciousness. An intellectual tour de force, David Wiebers' book can and should fundamentally alter the scientific enterprise of the twenty-first century. One of Kuhn's scientific revolutions may well be in the offing.."

Valery Feigin, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology and Editor-in-Chief, Neuroepidemiology

"This revolutionary discovery cannot be overestimated. It can change our lives, not only as individuals but also as a society. Dr. Wiebers makes a compelling case for applying the Theory of Reality to the ultimate understanding of ourselves, the purpose of our existence and our place in the universe. The underlying concepts are fully explained and proven using scientific rigor to scrutinize critical evidence in a way that has heretofore not been achieved."

The Scientific Evidence

The following 11 critical evidence categories underlie the TOR. Understanding the information and concepts within these categories and how they relate to each other allows one to establish a deeper vision of the whole and a more profound understanding of oneself, one’s journey and one’s place in the universe.
Butterfly metamorphosis

Primary Evidence Categories

  1. Evidence that brain activity in and of itself cannot account for consciousness.
  2. Evidence for our ability to exist and function separately without the brain.
  3. Evidence that Near-Death Experiences are valid, real phenomena and not hallucinations, seizures or some other aberration.

Secondary Evidence Categories

  1. Evidence for intelligence outside of the human brain—down to the electron, photon and C Unit levels.
  2. Evidence for coherence and resonance as underlying mechanisms for communication at multiple levels.
  3. Evidence for a holographic type of organization underlying our brains and our universe.
  4. Evidence for a C Field as a basic underlying matrix or fabric for reality (as we experience it here and in other dimensions) and for some unit of this (C Unit) as the most fundamental building block of the universe.
  5. Evidence for various types of Peak Experiences and other related phenomena being associated with discoveries, creativity and other types of uncommon insight and understanding.
  6. Evidence for other “finer” levels of existence enfolded into the same space and time as this physical plane.
  7. Evidence for particle and wave aspects to subatomic structures (as documented by physicists) and for how these components parallel the particle and wave aspects of consciousness, energy and matter.
  8. Evidence that “empty space” is not at all empty and that it instead contains an incredibly vast amount of energy and provides insight into what is hidden from our materialistic senses and a materialistic conceptualization of the universe.

About the Evidence

As a preview, the following pages represent a few of the 82 pages that cover 11 categories of critical evidence that underlie the TOR. The evidence can’t be boiled down to a single page or a few pages. All of the categories overlap, interrelate and interface with each other considerably and you will note extensive cross-referencing to emphasize areas where these aspects occur. You need to read the evidence in its entirety in order to arrive at an understanding of how all the bits and pieces fit together to allow a broader understanding of ourselves, our lives and our place in the universe.

Please also note that you can prove much of the evidence for yourself through direct experience using the TOR’s tools and techniques to confirm your ability to exist separately from your body and brain and to arrive at a higher understanding of the whole by facilitating various types of Peak Experiences. It is not difficult, even for nonscientists.  On the contrary, it is fun, it is exhilarating and it is well worth the effort!

For further scientific explanation, read the Theory of Reality.