Peak Experience FAQ

The science behind Peak Experiences and other related phenomena allows a quantum leap in human understanding of ourselves and our universe. It is possible for anyone to have an Expanded-Reality Experience. The following tools and techniques can facilitate Peak Experiences. You may read more detailed instructions on how to have these experiences in the Theory of Reality.

Person meditating.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a Peak Experience (PE)?

A: Seconds to minutes in which one feels the highest levels of peace, happiness, connectedness, harmony and possibility. They often are pivotal moments in a person’s life and are commonly associated with key insights, waves of understanding, uncommon creativity and/or thought balls.

Any of the following techniques can produce Peak Experiences.

Q: What are Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBEs)?

A: NDEs are profound events that typically occur in individuals who are close to death or in situations of intense danger. They typically include elements such as accurate out-of-body views of one’s own body and surrounding environment (a form of OOBE); indescribable peace, calm and bliss; a tunnel; a being of light; an instantaneous panoramic life review; meeting with deceased friends or relatives; decision to return. NDEs are valid, real phenomena and not hallucinations, seizures or some other aberration. OOBEs can also occur without NDEs and can be induced by many techniques.

Q: What is Connecting with One’s Higher Self (CWOHS)?

A: Involves a number of methods to attempt to be more fully connected with one’s higher self [one’s deeper subconscious self, the part of oneself which is closest to All That Is (defined by many as God or the divine), or the part of All That Is that is within oneself.] In any of these contexts, the individual is “going within” and generally attempting to access their deeper inner subconscious self, which is far more capable and far more aware in a universal sense than what we normally think of as our “selves.”

Q: What is After Death Contact (ADC)?

A: Connecting with deceased individuals while you are still of this material world.

Q: What is Past Life Recall/Regression (PLR)?

A: Connecting with your past and identifying who you (and others including your loved ones) may have been in earlier lives on this planet or otherwise.