Theory of Reality, by David Wiebers, MD

David Wiebers’ Theory of Reality is an exhilarating read and a perspective-shifting force for each of us who find ourselves at an important crossroads in our life. Wiebers communicates the life lessons he has discovered at the nexus of neuroscience, quantum physics, and metaphysical sciences with the kind of masterful touch that makes everyone’s journey towards greater understanding and purpose a much more accessible and enjoyable experience.

For those seeking greater resilience, perseverance, and productivity; a healthier response to stress; higher energy levels and sharper focus; enhanced physiological wellbeing; and deeper compassion, peace, and happiness – they need look no further. Wiebers’ concepts and messages meet us at our own doorstep and are thoughtfully designed to reinforce what we intuitively sense – that there is infinitely more to us, to our consciousness, and to the universe than we currently `know’.

— JA Braidish (from

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