“Theory of Reality” — a stunning achievement in modern science and philosophy

Dr. David Wiebers ”Theory of Reality” is a stunning achievement in modern science and philosophy. Dr.Wiebers has succinctly captured years of research into a single volume and “connected the dots” bridging such diverse topics as neuroscience, quantum physics, and even parapsychology. As a physician, Dr. Wiebersclearly understands the physiological import of what he writes and the meaning that it has for humankind. TOR is a profoundly elegant clarification of these diverse topics and how they (and we) are interconnected to the one whole universe.

For anyone who has been on the journey for the meaning of life and who has spent decades on this path, TOR is without doubt the finest summation of the present state of our understanding of the construct of the universe. His refreshingly humble approach to these earth changing truths will touch the soul of all seekers of such truths. This volume (the first of many I hope) takes complicated subject matter in a variety of sciences and paints a clearly stated position of why we are here, why we are experiencing what we are, and how to find “our place in the universe”. There are many mysteries to be solved for each of us, but with the TOR we have a great guide for those individuals who have been searching for a tool to provide the pointers for their research into the greater mysteries of life and existence.

I have been researching many of the areas developed by Dr. Wiebers for decades. He has captured the essence of our understandings in the areas that he touches upon and presents it to the reader in layman’s terms. From this position, one can apply the techniques suggested in the book, or use them to do more research in each area to more fully develop a deeper understanding of those themes that resonate with themselves. Taken as a whole, the TOR clearly weaves together a tapestry of interconnectedness into a fabric of oneness that is the universe and how each of us are a necessary, even vital part of the whole.

Thank you Dr. Wiebers for this exciting, seminal work. It will be the basis for needed discussion and consideration for decades to come. I believe it will provide the much needed spark for change in humanity’s view of itself and point to a path for our peaceful development to the next level as a species.

Randy Kirkendoll, PE
President, US Optimum Energy Systems LLC

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