Theory of Reality: Evidence for Existence Beyond the Brain and Tools for Your Journey

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The Theory of Reality combines key elements of neuroscience, physics and metaphysical science to provide critical evidence for existence beyond the brain with practical everyday application for increased compassion, effectiveness and higher understanding in your life.

Discover worldview-changing evidence regarding the most basic and profound questions of humankind, and explore the fundamental fabrics of our universe and the purpose of our lives. Equip yourself with new knowledge and empowering tools and techniques designed to help you “put it all together” and chart your own spiritual adventure.

Take control of your own life journey and allow inspiration, uncommon creativity and greater happiness to unfold.


Valery Feigin, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology and Editor-in-Chief, Neuroepidemiology

“This revolutionary discovery cannot be overestimated. It can change our lives, not only as individuals but also as a society. Dr. Wiebers makes a compelling case for applying the Theory of Reality to the ultimate understanding of ourselves, the purpose of our existence and our place in the universe. The underlying concepts are fully explained and proven using scientific rigor to scrutinize critical evidence in a way that has heretofore not been achieved.”

Kenneth Ring, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Connecticut, and Author of Lessons from the Light

Theory of Reality is a stunning achievement – a masterful synthesis of neuroscience, physics and the new disciplines of frontier science, the findings of which all point to the primacy of consciousness. An intellectual tour de force, David Wiebers’ book can and should fundamentally alter the scientific enterprise of the twenty-first century. One of Kuhn’s scientific revolutions may well be in the offing..”

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Theory of Reality: Evidence for Existence Beyond the Brain and Tools for Your Journey