I wish I had his book 30 years ago …

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Nearly 30 years ago when I was practicing law my doctor diagnosed me with a then almost certain terminal disease. I was devastated. Seeking some measure of consolation, I read a book about the five stages of grief which people go through when facing death. That information gave me no comfort. I then stumbled upon Dr. Raymond Moody’s Life After Life which detailed NDEs by some of his patients which gave me a great deal of emotional relief. I also participated in a Monroe Institute retreat on OOBEs.

What is so exceptionably special about Dr. Wiebers’ Theory of Reality is that it finally ties these and all other phenomena into a coherent whole with language easily understood by the general public. Dr. Wiebers’ authorship demonstrably lends concrete credibility to NDEs, OOBEs, etc. because he is a hardnosed scientist. I wish I also had his book 30 years ago because it contains many proven ways to live a more enlightened and less stressful life even in the face of death.

Additionally, I salute Dr. Wiebers’ chairing the Humane Society Legislative Fund’s board of directors and for his efforts to explain that animals are of the same fundamental essence as humans. His book states “our tendency to fragment our world and see ourselves as separate from…other humans and nonhuman beings is at the root of our neither being at peace as a species nor as a society.”

— Thomas F.

“Theory of Reality” — a stunning achievement in modern science and philosophy

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Dr. David Wiebers ”Theory of Reality” is a stunning achievement in modern science and philosophy. Dr.Wiebers has succinctly captured years of research into a single volume and “connected the dots” bridging such diverse topics as neuroscience, quantum physics, and even parapsychology. As a physician, Dr. Wiebersclearly understands the physiological import of what he writes and the meaning that it has for humankind. TOR is a profoundly elegant clarification of these diverse topics and how they (and we) are interconnected to the one whole universe.

For anyone who has been on the journey for the meaning of life and who has spent decades on this path, TOR is without doubt the finest summation of the present state of our understanding of the construct of the universe. His refreshingly humble approach to these earth changing truths will touch the soul of all seekers of such truths. This volume (the first of many I hope) takes complicated subject matter in a variety of sciences and paints a clearly stated position of why we are here, why we are experiencing what we are, and how to find “our place in the universe”. There are many mysteries to be solved for each of us, but with the TOR we have a great guide for those individuals who have been searching for a tool to provide the pointers for their research into the greater mysteries of life and existence.

I have been researching many of the areas developed by Dr. Wiebers for decades. He has captured the essence of our understandings in the areas that he touches upon and presents it to the reader in layman’s terms. From this position, one can apply the techniques suggested in the book, or use them to do more research in each area to more fully develop a deeper understanding of those themes that resonate with themselves. Taken as a whole, the TOR clearly weaves together a tapestry of interconnectedness into a fabric of oneness that is the universe and how each of us are a necessary, even vital part of the whole.

Thank you Dr. Wiebers for this exciting, seminal work. It will be the basis for needed discussion and consideration for decades to come. I believe it will provide the much needed spark for change in humanity’s view of itself and point to a path for our peaceful development to the next level as a species.

Randy Kirkendoll, PE
President, US Optimum Energy Systems LLC


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Dr. Wiebers’ Theory of Reality (TOR) was an amazing find. I read a piece from Dr. Wiebers in the Washington Post and found a copy of his book here last week. I appreciated the multi-layered approach that Dr. Wiebers took in examining this complex subject. Although I am not a Physicist, Mathematician, or Scientist by training, I believe that we are all amateurs in our own way, I truly enjoyed, and even more felt that I could somewhat understand, the key scientific framework behind the TOR. Those who struggle with reconciling science and personal intuition will find this book rewarding.

I would recommend this as a great Holiday gift for anyone who is curious about, well . . . our reality.

— Al Foreman (from Amazon.com)

Theory of Reality, by David Wiebers, MD

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David Wiebers’ Theory of Reality is an exhilarating read and a perspective-shifting force for each of us who find ourselves at an important crossroads in our life. Wiebers communicates the life lessons he has discovered at the nexus of neuroscience, quantum physics, and metaphysical sciences with the kind of masterful touch that makes everyone’s journey towards greater understanding and purpose a much more accessible and enjoyable experience.

For those seeking greater resilience, perseverance, and productivity; a healthier response to stress; higher energy levels and sharper focus; enhanced physiological wellbeing; and deeper compassion, peace, and happiness – they need look no further. Wiebers’ concepts and messages meet us at our own doorstep and are thoughtfully designed to reinforce what we intuitively sense – that there is infinitely more to us, to our consciousness, and to the universe than we currently `know’.

— JA Braidish (from Amazon.com)

A revolutionary book for our time and beyond

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This book is unlike anything that has come before it. Reading it was a life-changing experience for me. It confirmed what I already intuitively knew, but gave me better access to a higher level of understanding of my deeper self, my life’s journey and how I fit into the universe. The scientific concepts are profound, yet I could readily understand them as a nonscientist. The book is destined to become a classic that is translated into many languages and recognized throughout the world.

The first half of this book provides compelling new evidence that shows that you can exist and function separately without your brain; that the you beyond your brain is indestructible, even by physical death; and that the brain and body are simply temporary vehicles for use on this physical plane rather than a person’s core identity. Deeply understanding these concepts is fundamental to virtually any form of what has been called spiritual enlightenment, and this book provides the means for such deep understanding unlike any other book that I have ever read before.

The second half of the book provides a host of everyday applications of the new scientific knowledge which can be easily incorporated into anyone’s daily life. These are profound insights which allow anyone to look inward to find their own answers to profound and not so profound questions. Methods range from esoteric metaphysical techniques to relatively simple approaches based on twelve key factors.

The TOR makes it clear that everyone has the capacity to accomplish all of the techniques discussed in the book if they are so inclined, and if they dedicate some time and energy to it.

All in all, this is a book that not only allows people to discover worldview-changing concepts and ideas, but also equips and empowers them to “put it all together” and be more effective in life. It allows anyone to take control of their own life journey, and to experience greater inspiration, creativity and happiness on a daily basis.

— sachambers (from Amazon.com)