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TOR Group is engaged in a fundamentally different kind of enterprise—one focused on the greater good of individuals without attempting to control those whom we serve. We share our experience in a way that helps people become self-sufficient in pursuit of their own purposes.

This revolutionary discovery cannot be overestimated. It can change our lives, not only as individuals but also as a society.
— Valery Feigin, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology and Editor-in-Chief, Neuroepidemiology

TOR Group’s products provide scientifically based solutions to the challenges of self-realization and self-actualization in the midst of the messiness, contingencies and uncertainties of today’s socioeconomic reality. TOR Group’s products will provide you with tools and techniques that can be implemented on a daily basis to live a happier and more fulfilling life. You’ll learn about how to have Peak Experiences and to apply methods to expand your awareness and evolve your understanding of yourself and our universe.

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