Peak Experiences

peak experiences

Peak Experiences (PEs) generally involve seconds to minutes where one feels the highest levels of peace, connectedness, happiness, harmony and possibility. They often are pivotal moments in a person’s life and are often associated with key insights, “waves of understanding”, and/or instantaneous “thought balls” (large packages of ideas that arrive instantaneously and need to be rolled out by speaking or writing in real time as our brains process them for this material plane).

A variety of other related phenomena and techniques have been associated with producing or facilitating peak experiences or with otherwise deeply enhancing one’s creative, intellectual, visionary or integrative understanding and/or capabilities. These phenomena and techniquesgenerally involve focused (coherent) states of consciousness and getting one’s consciousness free from “waking chatter” and “noise” of day-to-day living.

Going from random incoherent thought to coherent consciousness can be a powerful tool for increasing one’s effectiveness, understanding, creativity and intuition. PEs have been associated with all sorts of extraordinary discoveries, uncommon creativity, insight, and understanding. They occur in all walks of life and they can be important tools for all kinds of discovery and understanding—e.g. scientific, spiritual, musical, artistic, and interpersonal.

Future healthcare paradigms will give greater intentionality to the process of having and creating PEs and related experiences that catalyze personal advances, and will place increasing emphasis upon coherence, resilience and equanimity as vehicles to promote optimal neurological and psychological function as well as overall health.

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David Wiebers, M.D.

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