Out-of-Body Experience — Yoga Class

For years I had an intuitive sense that getting out of one’s body was something that a person should be able to do. I had read extensive accounts of others who had successfully gotten out of their bodies and I tried for years to accomplish this feat.

I came very close on several occasions where I may have been just on the verge of leaving my physical body (I experienced heavy vibrational pulls and I had read that is commonly experienced when making the transition out of the body), but I had never had more than a split second feeling that I was close.

Then one day I was taking a yoga class which I went into without any specific determination that I was going to leave my body. I just wanted to have a nice workout and experience the relaxation that often accompanies yoga. And by the end of this particular class I was exceedingly relaxed. There was soothing music playing in the background during the final relaxation or savasana, when all of a sudden I felt myself lift straight up and out of my body. I traveled to the ceiling hovering there and realizing that I was indeed separate from my body. However, just as I was about to travel beyond the room, the instructor spoke causing me to instantaneously return to my body. Following the yoga session, I retained the extremely relaxed feeling for several hours. I also came to realize that deep relaxation is the secret for me to get out of my body, and now I am certain that a person can survive or exist outside his or her body because I’ve done it.

— Steve from Seattle, Washington, USA

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  1. Heather says (2015-04-23 01:50 AM):

    This just happened to me this morning. I was in a one hour yoga class at a Golds Gym. I felt for a split second out of my body and quickly returned with instructors voice. I few hours after I was exhausted and took a short nap.

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