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Hi, I’ve read the book Theory of Reality and it was a fantastic book that I now try and live by, I have also recommended the book to friends and family of mine. What I wonder is whether there has been any new discoveries in the fields of Neuroscience, Physics, Cosmology etc. after the book was written ?

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Jim F.

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  1. TOR Group says (2014-11-11 11:07 PM):

    Dear Jim,

    Thanks for your thoughtful note and kind words about Theory of Reality (TOR). Regarding your question about further developments, within physics, the discovery of the Higgs boson around the time that the TOR was published was considered to be a major advance by classical physicists. The significance of this new particle is still unclear although it may indeed help to bridge the gap between the particle world and the deeper wave-based planes of existence. More recently, physicists from the University of Southern Denmark have disputed the nature of this particle. In either case, the discovery of this new particle does not impact any of the scientific tenets of the TOR. Similarly, there have been no new discoveries in neuroscience or cosmology over the past 2 years that substantively change any of these tenets so the TOR remains current.

    Again, we appreciate your note and we send you our very best wishes from across the globe!

    TOR Group

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