My Beloved Son

My beloved son passed away last year whilst I spent 3 months camped beside him, in hospital. He was a young, very smart attorney with deep humanitarian principles, but no interest in esoteric thought. That was my department. However, we accessed, together, exceptionally deep energy fields (of thought), including communication with the orca and dolphins who we invited in to help minimize the cancer molecules and allow ultra sonic sound wave frequencies to bring energy, plus gavitational and sunlight forces. We did not know quite where these fine, shared ‘telepathic’ thoughts were emerging from, but there they were, and my son survived 3 months, not the 3-4 weeks medically predicted and each second, repeat each second was unbelievably precious, meaningful and needed, for us to forge our links deeply enough to where I now perceived his conscious thoughts can be heard by me, in whatever this all means, but i think we are beginning to find out, or perceive the function of natural forces guiding and compelling us toward points unseen in our current landscape of what is and what isn’t. Thank you for your dedication and lucidity, not to mention hard work to get the message out. Regards.

— Madelyn

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