Lucid Dream and OOBE

My dreams have slowly been becoming more and more lucid.  They are not always lucid but only at certain periods. I have them almost every night now.  Because I have been on holiday, I have had more time to meditate and read and I have spent many hours in meditation over the last 10 days.  Last night I meditated for an hour before bed.  I enjoy doing that because it relaxes me and makes me ready to sleep.  I believe it also prepares one for possible spiritual instruction while sleeping.  I was not disappointed last night.

I had not been to sleep long when I was nearly lucid again, almost like extended meditation but I was in a dream state sleeping for sure.  I have had recurring dreams of late about flying.  I do not mean an airplane but flying like an out of body experience.  I have been studying OOBE’s for years.  I have been OOB a few times for brief periods but never successfully for long periods.  In this dream I was meditating, contemplating OOBE’s and I happened to be sitting next to a man in a house filled with people in the middle of the day.  I was familiar with this person and in the dream he had a name that for the life of me escapes me now.  I have seen this person in several of my dreams as a sort of stand by character in the background.  I was familiar enough with him in the dream to know who he was but I have never paid much attention to him before.

The man was a middle aged, oriental man.  He was kind and was busy but, for some reason it occurred to me that this was a teacher.  I asked him what I was doing wrong in my meditations that I was not achieving what I wanted.  At this time, with focused attention he looked at me and said “How are you doing it?”  I was sitting in the lotus position and closed my eyes.  Instantly a thought came into my mind of “Focus in the center of your field of view and focus on the light”.

I saw a dim light in the center of my field of vision and focused on it without moving my eyes. Instantly the light grew until it filled my field of vision, I was filled with profound love and positive power, and I was lifted out of my seat and was projected all over the house through the air while staying in the lotus position.  The guide disappeared physically but was with me as internal energy for the balance of the dream.  All I had to do was ask a question and the answer was projected into my mind.

I eventually woke up (nature called) and I could not go back to sleep.  Several things were delivered to me and I know much more is coming.  This is only the beginning of this direction.”

Randy — Parker, Colorado, USA

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