International Compassion for All Life Initiative

Visit to pledge your support for an international compassion for all life initiative to optimize the health, and ensure the long-term survival, of the earth and all of its inhabitants. By pledging, you:

  • Acknowledge the profound interconnectedness of all life on this planet, including all humans, nonhumans and the earth itself (another life form);
  • Recognize that the protection of humans, nonhumans and the earth are not separate considerations but rather all part of the same spectrum;
  • Call upon leaders of organizations involved in human protection, animal protection, and environmental protection to work together tobridge the gaps that exist within and between these areas of endeavor and to enhance each other’s effectiveness in all of these areas;
  • Further call upon these organizational leaders and our elected officials to work across national boundaries, ethnic boundaries, religious boundaries, social boundaries, economic boundaries, and academic boundaries to accomplish these goals;
  • Recognize that ultimately, the survival not only of other species on this planet, but also of our own, will depend upon humanity’s recognizing the oneness of all life on this planet, and recognizing the importance and deeper significance of compassion for all life.

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