I wish I had his book 30 years ago …

Nearly 30 years ago when I was practicing law my doctor diagnosed me with a then almost certain terminal disease. I was devastated. Seeking some measure of consolation, I read a book about the five stages of grief which people go through when facing death. That information gave me no comfort. I then stumbled upon Dr. Raymond Moody’s Life After Life which detailed NDEs by some of his patients which gave me a great deal of emotional relief. I also participated in a Monroe Institute retreat on OOBEs.

What is so exceptionably special about Dr. Wiebers’ Theory of Reality is that it finally ties these and all other phenomena into a coherent whole with language easily understood by the general public. Dr. Wiebers’ authorship demonstrably lends concrete credibility to NDEs, OOBEs, etc. because he is a hardnosed scientist. I wish I also had his book 30 years ago because it contains many proven ways to live a more enlightened and less stressful life even in the face of death.

Additionally, I salute Dr. Wiebers’ chairing the Humane Society Legislative Fund’s board of directors and for his efforts to explain that animals are of the same fundamental essence as humans. His book states “our tendency to fragment our world and see ourselves as separate from…other humans and nonhuman beings is at the root of our neither being at peace as a species nor as a society.”

— Thomas F.

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