George’s Passing

My husband’s best friend George passed away three weeks ago after a long illness and reading Theory of Reality has made a difference in how we accept—and even feel joyful in some ways—about that occurrence.

In the days following our first reading of the book, I had a further experience involving George in a vivid dream, during which I was checking out at a ‘generic’ supermarket but had no groceries.  There was no one before me or after me and no cashier. Actually it was as if the store was closed. Suddenly George was beside me. I knew he was ‘supposed to be dead’ so I looked around to see if anyone else (and no one was there) had noticed him. He reassured me that he was fine and that all was well. And he looked wonderful. It was a moving, wonderful and comforting experience.

Katie — Sayreville, New Jersey, USA

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