Early Experiences with the TOR

It has been an incredible blessing to have the opportunity to share the TOR and its central tenants with so many people over the past several months including both scientists and nonscientists. Our experiences early on at the University of Oxford and at the International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology in Nice, France, were both electrifying and heartwarming for me personally and for all of us at TOR Group, not only because of the wonderful responses from the audiences and meeting officials, but also because of the deeper significance of those responses.

Those responses provided early evidence that neuroscientists at the highest levels of academia, were not only clearly interested in the topics under discussion, but that they were also open to accepting its underlying concepts and principles with the recognition that these concepts and principles would not take anything away from the materialistic science that all of us were taught and continue to teach and follow, but rather that they could expand and advance science in ways that have been long overdue.

Since then, it has been wonderful to have the chance to interact with so many others including nonscientists as well as scientists from here the United States and from around the world who have been inspired by various aspects of our work and who have, in many cases, so generously recognized the potential significance and impact of this work on both a personal as well as societal level. Many of these individuals are now working with our group to help us to change human thought around the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality while at the same time empowering others with new knowledge and numerous available tools to promote higher understanding, uncommon creativity and greater effectiveness, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives.

We are now in the process of more actively engaging groups in the general public and planning presentations and media appearances with the intent of utilizing the information and feedback that we have received over the past several months to have the most positive and helpful impact possible on the day-to -day lives of individuals.

On behalf of the TOR Group, we thank you so much for your ongoing support and feedback and we hope to see you one of these days as we expand out further into the general public arena.

Best wishes to all!

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