Dr. Wiebers Presents Keynote Address at 2nd International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology

Dr. Wiebers Presents Keynote Address at 2nd International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology: Theory of Reality, on November 8, 2012, in Nice, France.

NICE, FRANCE – Dr. David Wiebers presented the keynote address on the Theory of Reality (TOR) at the International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology in Nice, France on November 8, 2012.

The presentation was exceedingly well received by a very large international neuroscience audience representing 81 countries around the world. Following the presentation, the TOR was immediately acclaimed by both the Chairman of the conference, Professor Valery Feigin, and its President, Professor Maurice Giroud, as a groundbreaking landmark achievement.

There was widespread enthusiasm among the participants, and Professor Feigin, in his comments after the talk, further stated that the work represents an exciting and revolutionary discovery that can change neuroscience and science forever.

Although there was no planned question and answer session in the program following the keynote presentation, the Chairman and President decided that in view of the unique and potentially historic nature of the address, they wanted to make an exception and provide time for questions and answers. After a wide-ranging discussion, the Chair had to eventually suspend the questions in order to proceed with the rest of the scientific program.

Subsequent to the scientific sessions, many more questions and comments followed on an individual level. One of the participants, a professor of neurosurgery from Germany, indicated that she was profoundly moved that someone had finally put into words what she had intuitively known all of her life, but could never fully express. Several other similar sentiments were expressed by attendees from other countries.

All in all, the meeting proved to be an incredible format for launching the TOR into the international neuroscience community.

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  1. Randy Kirkendoll says (2013-01-26 06:25 PM):

    Dr. Wiebers,

    Thank you for your work with TOR and the succinct manner in which you have collected the data, experiences and research. I picked up your TOR book on Amazon a few weeks ago and have greatly enjoyed the content and observations.

    I am an electrical engineer and manager by trade. I have been studying these things for years now. My work has been an interesting amalgam of many of the aspects of the subjects that you write about. I have studied and practiced Monroe’s OBE work and worked with non-profits that are attempting to bring ZPE to market.

    During meditations a few years ago I was presented with the concept of a “League of Consciousness”. I have been gathering information for this effort but it could not have been more succinctly captured than what you have done in the TOR book.

    I have had more than one vision presented to me with coherent meaning of a greater consciousness for our species and, more importantly, the unity that we should be striving to achieve. Those visions and their content are another story for another time.

    I see you have a TOR group and foundation. I do not know the size of this organization or qualifications for participation. However I can tell you that this is my mission. When I speak to people about these things, those that are ready stop in their tracks and cannot help but listen and converse. If you are familiar with the work of Eckhardt Tolle, you know that people will only accept fundamental change when they are ready, usually through suffering, similar to the teachings of Buddha. It is true.

    I do not know if this kind of presentation will reach the hearts of those who have not suffered enough to change. Maybe. On the other hand, for the mind that is ready, it can be revolutionary.

    I will move forward with my plans to educate and touch the hearts of all that I can. Your wonderful book will be another tool that I add to my tool chest. I would very much like to participate with your organization in the work that you appear to be fostering as noted on your website. I do not have the credentials of the august individuals that are mentioned the book or noted on your website. I am a simple engineer motivated by a love of this subject matter, research that I have done, experiences and suffering that I have endured, and a connectedness with the One consciousness about which you so eloquently write.

    I have many friends on this path. We would gladly join you in this noble work.

    May true peace and stillness fill your days and the light of the One light your path. Thank you for this wonderful book. Regardless of your response to this email, I hope that will have the pleasure of meeting you in person some day.

    Namaste’ my dear friend,

    Randy Kirkendoll
    Parker, Coloroado

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