Brief, General Description of Coherent (Peak) Experiences

On numerous occasions during my adult life, I have experienced seconds to minutes of coherence, a state of amplified peace and joy. These are times when I’ve had both the somatic and emotional sensation of being in the eye of the storm – holding a dynamic tension between undifferentiated consciousness (truly a peak experience) and the definiteness and directedness of my conscious mind. My experience of holding this tension manifests as a physical sensation in the areas around my heart and solar plexus, and manifests as an emotional sensation characterized by calmness, peace, ineffability, curiosity, connectedness, equanimity, intentionality and a letting-go of attachment. These experiences of coherence create the conditions within which I can simultaneously experience concentrated and directed conscious functioning and the flow state of nondual consciousness and of ultimately expanded phenomena.

— Joe from Boulder, CO,  USA

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