David Wiebers Presents the TOR to Amity University

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Dr. Wiebers presents the TOR to Amity University
Earlier this week Dr. David Wiebers presented the Theory of Reality (TOR) to the students, researchers and faculty of Amity University in India.

Amity presented Dr. Wiebers with an Honorary Professorship. “This is clearly one of India’s finest institutions of higher learning and a growing force in Asia and the world – I’m happy to be a part of it,” said Dr. Wiebers. “The visionary leadership of Amity, including the Chancellor Dr. Ashok Chauhan and President Dr. William Selvamurthy, are wonderful individuals who are very supportive of the TOR. We discussed many possibilities for collaboration between TOR Group and TOR Foundation.”

The visionary leadership of Amity, including the Chancellor Dr. Ashok Chauhan and President Dr. William Selvamurthy, are individuals who are very supportive of the TOR. Many possibilities for collaboration between TOR Group and TOR Foundation and Amity were discussed. A Hindi translation of Theory of Reality will be published by Amity University Press in the near future.

“All of us at TOR Group and TOR Foundation are so pleased to be working with Amity University – there is a lot that we have to do together moving forward,” said Dr. Wiebers.

To read more about Dr. Wiebers’ Honorary Professorship and to see photos, visit the DavidWiebers.com blog: http://www.davidwiebers.com/blog/2015/11/11/amity-university-honorary-professorship-award

David Wiebers Presents in South India

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Dr. David Wiebers gave two Theory of Reality talks in Mangalore this week.

The first talk on November 6th at Alva College and Educational Foundation. Alva College is a large, modern and extremely progressive educational facility with 25,000 students. The talk was held at their Institute of Engineering and Technology where over 1000 students attended.

On November 7th, Dr. Wiebers gave a presentation at Mangalore University, which has over 200,000 students. The talk was held in the majestic Mangalore Auditorium and was filled to capacity.

Science and Spirituality

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Science and Spirituality
Science meeting spirituality is key and something that is long overdue. The science behind various types of Expanded-Reality Experiences and Peak Experiences allows a quantum leap in human understanding of ourselves and our universe. Science and spirituality can combine (rather than conflict) to open new vistas (and provide self-actualization resulting in enhanced/optimal brain and neurologic function). Neuroscience meeting physics to expand and enhance each other is also key. Both neuroscience and physics need to evolve into the 21st century and beyond. They are both slowed by the inertia of outdated and limited concepts and paradigms. Until these disciplines incorporate what are now thought of as largely spiritual and metaphysical dimensions, our models will only be able to account for the most materialistic and mundane aspects of our existence and will miss many of the most important aspects of life and existence.

David Wiebers, M.D.

Peak Experiences

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peak experiences

Peak Experiences (PEs) generally involve seconds to minutes where one feels the highest levels of peace, connectedness, happiness, harmony and possibility. They often are pivotal moments in a person’s life and are often associated with key insights, “waves of understanding”, and/or instantaneous “thought balls” (large packages of ideas that arrive instantaneously and need to be rolled out by speaking or writing in real time as our brains process them for this material plane).

A variety of other related phenomena and techniques have been associated with producing or facilitating peak experiences or with otherwise deeply enhancing one’s creative, intellectual, visionary or integrative understanding and/or capabilities. These phenomena and techniquesgenerally involve focused (coherent) states of consciousness and getting one’s consciousness free from “waking chatter” and “noise” of day-to-day living.

Going from random incoherent thought to coherent consciousness can be a powerful tool for increasing one’s effectiveness, understanding, creativity and intuition. PEs have been associated with all sorts of extraordinary discoveries, uncommon creativity, insight, and understanding. They occur in all walks of life and they can be important tools for all kinds of discovery and understanding—e.g. scientific, spiritual, musical, artistic, and interpersonal.

Future healthcare paradigms will give greater intentionality to the process of having and creating PEs and related experiences that catalyze personal advances, and will place increasing emphasis upon coherence, resilience and equanimity as vehicles to promote optimal neurological and psychological function as well as overall health.

To learn more about Peak Experiences, please visit our Spiritual Adventure Tools and Techniques section.

David Wiebers, M.D.

International Compassion for All Life Initiative

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Visit DavidWiebers.com to pledge your support for an international compassion for all life initiative to optimize the health, and ensure the long-term survival, of the earth and all of its inhabitants. By pledging, you:

  • Acknowledge the profound interconnectedness of all life on this planet, including all humans, nonhumans and the earth itself (another life form);
  • Recognize that the protection of humans, nonhumans and the earth are not separate considerations but rather all part of the same spectrum;
  • Call upon leaders of organizations involved in human protection, animal protection, and environmental protection to work together tobridge the gaps that exist within and between these areas of endeavor and to enhance each other’s effectiveness in all of these areas;
  • Further call upon these organizational leaders and our elected officials to work across national boundaries, ethnic boundaries, religious boundaries, social boundaries, economic boundaries, and academic boundaries to accomplish these goals;
  • Recognize that ultimately, the survival not only of other species on this planet, but also of our own, will depend upon humanity’s recognizing the oneness of all life on this planet, and recognizing the importance and deeper significance of compassion for all life.

Take Action Here.

Early Experiences with the TOR

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It has been an incredible blessing to have the opportunity to share the TOR and its central tenants with so many people over the past several months including both scientists and nonscientists. Our experiences early on at the University of Oxford and at the International Congress of Neurology and Epidemiology in Nice, France, were both electrifying and heartwarming for me personally and for all of us at TOR Group, not only because of the wonderful responses from the audiences and meeting officials, but also because of the deeper significance of those responses.

Those responses provided early evidence that neuroscientists at the highest levels of academia, were not only clearly interested in the topics under discussion, but that they were also open to accepting its underlying concepts and principles with the recognition that these concepts and principles would not take anything away from the materialistic science that all of us were taught and continue to teach and follow, but rather that they could expand and advance science in ways that have been long overdue.

Since then, it has been wonderful to have the chance to interact with so many others including nonscientists as well as scientists from here the United States and from around the world who have been inspired by various aspects of our work and who have, in many cases, so generously recognized the potential significance and impact of this work on both a personal as well as societal level. Many of these individuals are now working with our group to help us to change human thought around the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality while at the same time empowering others with new knowledge and numerous available tools to promote higher understanding, uncommon creativity and greater effectiveness, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives.

We are now in the process of more actively engaging groups in the general public and planning presentations and media appearances with the intent of utilizing the information and feedback that we have received over the past several months to have the most positive and helpful impact possible on the day-to -day lives of individuals.

On behalf of the TOR Group, we thank you so much for your ongoing support and feedback and we hope to see you one of these days as we expand out further into the general public arena.

Best wishes to all!

The Origins and Purpose of the TOR

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The Theory of Reality (TOR) combines key elements of neuroscience, physics, and metaphysical science along with components from numerous other medical and scientific disciplines to allow people and society to address the most basic universal questions of humankind—Who am I? (which corresponds to the YOU section of TOR content); Where am I going? (which corresponds to the YOUR JOURNEY section of TOR content; and How do I fit into the universe? (which corresponds to the THE TERRITORY section of TOR content). In the process, it provides answers the two most important unanswered questions in science as defined in a special issue of the journal Science in 2005: “What is the universe made of?” and “What is the biological basis of consciousness?” The overarching purpose of the TOR is to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our universe with the goal of helping people to live a happier, more successful and fulfilling life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the issues which underlie the TOR. My early training and subsequent work in the fields of Medicine and Neuroscience provided wonderful opportunities to learn from colleagues, patients and students and to experience the brain and consciousness from numerous perspectives in a variety of clinical and research settings. Even earlier, in my college days, I had taken a road less traveled to medical school by concentrating my coursework in physics, chemistry and mathematics, subjects which were not only fascinating, but which also provided very different ways to approach and reflect upon reality and the universe.

The TOR finds that the universe is a unified living process rather than a collection of separate objects and, although things and beings can still be part of an individual whole while possessing their own unique qualities, our tendency to fragment the world/universe and see ourselves as separate from the world/universe, from the earth, and from other human and non-human beings is responsible for many problems in science and society and ultimately is responsible for our neither being at peace as a species nor as a society.

The TOR is about an idea or set of ideas. EVERYONE has the capacity to accomplish all of the expanded-reality techniques listed in the TOR if they want to and if they dedicate some time and energy to it.

The TOR includes Twelve Key Factors for Enhancing Coherence, Resilience and Equanimity in One’s Day to Day Life. It is important to note that increasing one’s coherence does not necessarily require accomplishing any particular “difficult” feat or austere lifestyle—or a specifically prescribed altered state of consciousness or OOBE.

In general, factors that increase one’s resilience and equanimity also tend to increase one’s coherence. Resilience is the capacity following adverse or stressful events to adapt to (and even thrive in) the resulting challenges and changing circumstances. Such a capacity proactively insulates and protects individuals from a variety of anxiety disorders and depression. Similarly, equanimity is the inner strength and stability to experience well being and confidence in the eye of the storm—enabling one to maintain a relaxed body and calm, balanced mind regardless of the circumstances. It allows one to remain centered and to see the big picture with perspective and patience.

Factors which are generally fun and compelling for individuals that also increase one’s resilience and equanimity include: laughter; music; intimacy; spiritual exploration and understanding; and sleep. Enhancing these factors can increase one’s coherence, while optimizing brain and neurological function as well as one’s psychological health. They can also facilitate Peak Experiences.

On behalf of the TOR Group, may you discover your essential self and advance your learning, creativity and human development.